We are now Jerzey’s Dog Resort!


I have spent many years with your dogs, laughed with them, cried with you when you lost them, embraced that new puppy, and have made many friends along the way. In the early spring a very enthusiastic, dog loving individual dropped in on my business. She is that same individual that I was 20 years ago, ambitous, eager, excited and of course a dog lover. I couldn’t ask for a better match if I had sought her out myself. Over the course of some visits we both decided this was the right fit and we were each ready for a new beginning. I am so grateful that you left your dogs with us all these years and I am sure that you will have that same comfort with Kristine as she gets to know you and your furry family members. Thank you for helping to make Bailey’s the success that it has been!

Please connect to Jerzey’s Dog Resort to read all about Kristine and her vision! It is important to know that all reservations are being honored and that the property will still be operating as a premier dog boarding facility!


Maureen, John and Trevor TeliskyFullSizeRender 2